Before and After Photos | Chesterfield, MO

Jim was unhappy with his short top teeth and broken down, discolored lower teeth.  Dr. Wheeler did a full-mouth rehab on his teeth to not only make them the correct size & shape…. but also to make his teeth more functional!

Before and after full-mouth rehabilitation

Andy wanted a more photogenic and healthier smile.  We achieved both by restoring his upper teeth with crowns.  He plans on restoring his lower teeth with crowns as well in the near future.

Before and after full-coverage crowns

Sandy wanted a refreshed smile before her daughter’s wedding.  Full crowns were completed on her top teeth with some bonding on the lower.  She’s so glad those wedding pictures show off her new smile!

Before and after full crowns

This patient fell at school and broke off their front two teeth.

Tooth colored bonding was used to repair them here in the office in about an hour.

Before and after tooth-colored bonding

One crown can really make a huge difference!

Dr. Wheeler smoothed out a chipped tooth, and had a new crown made for the other front tooth which really transformed this smile!

Before and after a new crown

This patient had a bridge placed to replace her missing front tooth. She was very pleased with this permanent way to get her smile back!

Before and after dental bridge

This patient wanted the space between her lower front teeth corrected before her wedding.

Dr. Wheeler performed bonding and the patient was thrilled!

Before and after bonding

This patient was born without her lateral incisors, so we had “Maryland Bridges” made to replace her teeth until she is old enough to get implants.

Before and after Maryland bridges

This gentleman was a severe grinder and ended up needing orthodontics (braces) in order to make room to restore his teeth.

He completed orthodontics and then Dr. Wheeler completed new crowns to give him a more youthful, nicer, & brighter smile!

Before and after orthodontics and crowns

This patient’s “lateral incisors” were slightly smaller than ideal, so veneers were used to make them the proper shape & size.

*Lateral incisors are not the “front teeth” but the ones right next to them on either side.*

Before veneersAfter veneers

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